How to get there –



  • Portlick – John Butler – 087 6885279
  • Camp Chief – Stephen Griffin – 087 6062613

Emergency Contacts

  • Portiuncula Hospital 090 964 8200
  • Local Gardaí- Glasson Garda station 090 648 5102
  • ESB emergency 1850 372 999
  • Poisons information: 01 809 2568

In the event of an Emergency , first action will be a call to 999/112. The details here are for info only. 

  • An AED Cardiac Defibrillator is available on site.Order of Malta crew will be on site Saturday
  • Midoc – 1850 302702 ( Out of Hours Doctor Service)
  • Portiuncula Hospital ( 999/112 – 090 964 8200 ) ( Approx 35 mins from Portlick )  
  • Roscommon Hospital ( 999/112 ) ( Approx 45 mins from Portlick )

Lough Ree Coast Guard ( 999/112 ) via RNLI


  1. Kayaking
  2. Obstacle Course/Football Fusion
  3. Inflatables
  4. Challenge Games
  5. Archery
  6. Pioneering
  7. Craft 
  8. Crate Stacking
  9. Zip Line
  10. Climbing Wall / Gladiator Challenge
  11. Waterslide
  12. Youth Members Toilets
  13. Scouters Toilets
  14. Campsite

Risk Assessments

See Risk Assessments


FRI1800Setup Camp
FRI2100Induction – 2 Mins Skit by each team
FRI2200Leaders Meeting
FRI2300All Quiet
SAT700All Quiet Ends. 
SAT915Meet at Flag Pole
SAT900Flag Break
SAT0930-1230Programme ( 4 Bases @45 minutes each )
SAT1330-1545Programme ( 4 Bases @45 minutes each )
SAT1545-2000Relax , Dinner , Camp Fair Prep
SAT2000-2130Camp Fair
SAT2130Camp Fire
SAT2300All Quiet
SUN700All Quiet Ends.
SUN1000Scouts Own ( Cubs representative to Read reflection on Camp ) Uniforms 
SUN1030Break Camp
SUNTBD 1400Camp Clear


Programme Schedule

PurpleWater SlideKayakingObstacle, F’BallPioneering Catapult
Light BlueCraftWater SlideKayakingObstacle, F’Ball
TangerineCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,GladCraftWater SlideKayaking
Navy BlueArchery,Challenge,InflateCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,GladCraftWater Slide
GrapePioneering CatapultArchery,Challenge,InflateCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,GladCraft
Bright YellowObstacle, F’BallPioneering CatapultArchery,Challenge,InflateCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,Glad
GoldKayakingObstacle, F’BallPioneering CatapultArchery,Challenge,Inflate
ALLLUNCH 1230 – 13301330-14151415-15001500-1545
PurpleLUNCHArchery,Challenge,InflateCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,GladCraft
Light BlueLUNCHPioneering CatapultArchery,Challenge,InflateCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,Glad
TangerineLUNCHObstacle, F’BallPioneering CatapultArchery,Challenge,Inflate
Navy BlueLUNCHKayakingObstacle, F’BallPioneering Catapult
GrapeLUNCHWater SlideKayakingObstacle, F’Ball
Bright YellowLUNCHCraftWater SlideKayaking
GoldLUNCHCrates ,Zip ,Wall ,GladCraftWater Slide
  • Water Slide – At 30 mins move them to get ready to Kayaking – Make sure they dont run onto it.
  • Kayaking ( Portlick Run ) – Make sure they have a tshirt going down. They need to listen to safety
  • Obstacle Course & Football Fusion  – Portlick will brief Scouters on this specifically. Zero tolerance for messing. Football Fusion is “Human Fussball”. Set a time for game. 
  • Crate Stacking ( Portlick Run )  – 4 at a time. Others can do Zip Line , Wall Climbing , Gladiator ( all short ). Will need coordination via Walkies.  ( Chose a separate channel ) 
  • Craft base  ( Run by Erin , Sea Scouts ) – Remind them to leave no trace , bring their creation home .
  • Pioneering Catapult.  ( Run by Renmore ) They need to be mindful of working with poles and other Cubs/Scouters. Need Car wash sponges.
  • Archery ( Portlick Run )  , Challenge Games ( Run by Neil Mc – 1st Galway )  , Inflatables . Inflatables are short games ( Basketball , football into net etc ) 

Emergency Plan

See Emergency Plan

Cubs Assignments

Scouter Assignments

Toilet Cleaning

Friday night9:00 PM1st Galway St. Joseph/ St. Nicholas2nd Tuam
Saturday morning8:00 AM4th Craughwell8th Oranmore
Saturday lunchtime1:00 PM13th Galway Renmore Monday13th Galway Renmore Tuesday30th Galway Abbey-Duniry
Saturday evening6:00 PM17th Gort,3rd Loughrea19th Athenry
Saturday night9:00 PM24th Sea Scouts26th Galway Kilcoona
Sunday morning9:00 AM27th Carabane29th Killanin32nd Menlo


  • No Alcohol
  • No Mobile Phones
  • No Pen Knives
  • No Flint & Steel
  • No Water Balloons
  • Quiet time – 2300 – 0700. 
  • Cubs making noise during the quiet time , will need to be monitored by Scouters. 
  • If complaints are made by other Groups and this continues,  we may need to request that the Cubs parents/guardian is called.
  • Scouters to ID their Tent.  ( tie on a high viz ) 


  • Portlick Campsite requires each group to ensure they adhere to the campsites waste management system. 
  • Each group should have provision on site for 4 types of waste. Just like at home……..
    • Recycling:  this is for all recyclable waste except glass. All cardboard, cleaned plastic, paper etc. should be disposed of in this bin. 
    • General Waste: this will contain sisal and any other types of waste that is not catered for elsewhere. 
    • Organic Waste: this will contain all food waste.
    • Glass: all glass needs to be washed out before being placed in the glass bin.
  • Each group should have 2 rubbish bins/bags, one recycling and one general. 
  • Each group should ideally have a bucket with handle for their organic waste. These buckets should be lined with a bag (preferably compostable). 
  • Please encourage Cubs to become familiar with waste management on camp.
  • Waste water to be placed in sinks. No fat .No food pieces to be left in the sink – clean up after yourself.

Meeting Slides