In the event of an emergency an air horn will be sounded with 6 long bursts repeated every 5 minutes.

Assembly areas

  • Assemble at group campsite and await instructions from camp staff
  • Camp Emergency Alarm activation assigned to Camp Chief. 

Emergency Situations

Severe weather

In the event of extreme weather conditions (i.e. flooding, high winds) the camp chief will advise campers to seek appropriate shelter in the wet weather shelter or other suitable accommodation.

In the event of extreme heat some activities may be stopped due to the risk of heat stroke/ dehydration.

Lost youth members

Cub section leaders will take a headcount. The camp chief will detail search parties under the supervision of appropriate staff.


In the event of a fire Cub section leaders will evacuate campers to an assembly point in the main campsite. If it is safe to do so small fires may be tackled by suitably trained staff. Emergency services will be called by camp chief if required.


If a stranger enters camp the camp chief should be notified immediately. Unless the stranger poses an obvious threat, they may be approached and asked to identify themselves. If they fail to do so the Guards should be called immediately. If an extreme danger is suspected then the emergency alert will be given.

Serious illness or injury

Illnesses or injuries may be dealt with by suitably trained First Aid personnel within the scope of their expertise. Order of Malta staff will be on site during daytime programme activities. If expert medical care is required then responsible scouters should call for emergency services or remove casualty to the local hospital as required. Cub section leaders must keep a log of all accidents and incidents.